Tantti® SpherTantrix
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Tantti® SpherTantrix

Tantti® SpherTantrix is an innovative 3D bioscaffold material that, by way of its extensive porosity and pore connectivity, mimics the extracellular matrix that exists in living tissue. As a result of its unique structure, SpherTantrix is ideally suited for 3D cell culturing in a wide range of applications, including high throughput and content drug screening, 3D tumor or organ engineering, cell-based diagnostics, and 3D cell biology research (e.g., cancer cell biology and stem cell biology). SpherTantrix is tailored to facilitate fast formation of cell spheroids and is a cost-effective solution due to its compatibility with traditional testing equipment (e.g., microplates) and many high throughput screening (HTS) and high content screening (HCS) instruments.

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Growing Drug Discovery Requirements Driving Innovation in 3D Cell Culture Systems



In vitro cell-based testing has long been an essential tool for the drug discovery process, providing speed, scalability, and cost efficiency for the research and development community.  However, to date, most in vitro drug testing utilizes two-dimensional (2D) monolayer cell cultures that are grown on flat surfaces.  While these traditional 2D cultures have historically been invaluable as a drug development tool, their drawbacks in advanced applications, such as cancer drug development and organ/tissue engineering, are all too obvious due to its limited ability to mimic how cells live and function in the real world (i.e., surrounded by other cells and the macromolecules comprising the extracellular matrix).


As a result, the development of in vitro cell culture systems that better replicate the in vivo three-dimensional (3D) characteristics of the extracellular matrix, while maintaining the speed, scalability and cost advantages of traditional 2D systems, is a critical area of innovation that will transform our ability to test drugs, grow cell spheroids and organoids, among other applications, in a microenvironment that has high predictive value of subsequent in vivo success.




Product Overview



SpherTantrix is a highly porous material, typically made from a polysaccharide.  It is produced using Tantti's proprietary and patented technology, which ensures a number of product characteristics that result in competitively advantaged performance features, including the following:


















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Tantti® SpherTantrix 3D Scaffolds


Tantti® SpherTantrix, 96 inserts/96-well flat bottom clear microplate, sterile

96 inserts


Tantti® SpherTantrix, 96 inserts/96-well flat bottom clear microplate, 10 x well plates, sterile

96 inserts, 10 x well plates


Tantti® SpherTantrix, 96 inserts/96-well flat bottom clear microplate, 50 x well plates, sterile

96 inserts, 50 x well plates

SpherTantrix Dissolving Solution (Enzyme-Free)


SpherTantrix Dissolving Solution, 100 ml/bottle

100 ml


SpherTantrix Dissolving Solution, 500 ml/bottle

500 ml


SpherTantrix Dissolving Solution, 1000 ml/bottle

1000 ml